Second Grade

second Grade

Second graders explored the world of computer programming using the Box Island app and the website. They coded their way through angry birds and star wars mazes, and even helped bees collect pollen and make honey! They used their incredible coding skills to program the DASH and Dot robots using the Blockly app. 

Second graders made heartfelt valentines for the veteran who served our country. The valentines were collected and delivered this month by Councilman D'Esposito. 

The second grade also began learning about maps and map skills. In STELLAR, students learned how to use a compass and found the different directions in the library and in their classrooms. They also practiced using a compass rose, and made their very own treasure maps!

After the mid-winter recess, second grade will start a research project on Antarctica! 

What did the southern ocean say to the iceberg? 

(Nothing, it just waved!)