Media Center/Special Offers/ Glossary

Media Center/Special Offers/Glossary

Formerly known as the library, now also includes the computer lab.

O.T. Acronym for occupational therapy. These services are provided to students within the district through C.P.S.E./C.S.E. 

GREAT PM An after school site-based program which provides a safe environment for children grades K-5. The program runs from the end of the school day until 6:30 PM. Children have the opportunity to work on homework and projects and are provided with a snack.

PULL OUT A term used to define when special educational services such as O.T., P. T., speech, etc., are provided in an environment other than the classroom.

PUSH IN A term used to define when special education services such as O.T., P.T., speech, etc., are provided within the classroom setting.

P.T. Acronym for physical therapy. These services are provided to students in the district through C.P.S.E./C.S.E.

P.T.A. Acronym for the Parent-Teacher Association. The P.T.A. aims to establish a good home-school relationship so that parents and teachers can work together effectively for the complete development of the child. The P. T .A. has multiple committees that work towards accomplishing these goals. The Hewitt P.T.A. is open to the entire Hewitt community.

READING RECOVERY Reading Recovery is an individualized reading and writing program for first graders who need additional support. Children work with one of the Reading Recovery teachers for 30 minutes every day. The children read books to practice strategies, make words, and write in journals to develop their literacy skills.

ROADDS Acronym for Rockville Centre Attention Deficit Disorder Support. Originated as a support group for ADHD and currently encompasses all families with children with special needs. As of 2001/2002, SEPTA and ROADDS are a joint venture.

RUBRIC A rubric is an assessment tool that is usually based on a four-point scale. Predetermined criterions are measured on this scale with four points being the highest score. A rubric is used to determine strengths and weaknesses in any subject area or any assignment.

S.E.P.T.A. Acronym for Special Education Parent-Teacher Association. S.E.P.T.A. is the P.T.A. which specifically focuses on children who need the additional support of special educational services. S.E.P.T.A's purpose is to support its members by promoting a greater awareness of the special educational process, encouraging the understanding of individual student's needs, and striving to discover and implement ways of best meeting those needs. RVC S.E.P.T.A. is open to all members of the RVC school district.

STELLAR Acronym for Success in Technology, Enrichment, Library, Literacy and Research. The Library/Media Center works with each grade level on special projects.

Hewitt Is Special

Hewitt School offers many special services for our children. Listed below are some of the services available.

Remedial Services

School Psychologist

Speech and Language Services

ESL (English As A Second Language)

Special Education

Social Worker

For detailed information on these services, you may refer to the Parent Handbook provided by the school district.


A.I.M. Acronym for the Arts in Motion committee, which is co-sponsored by the P.T.A. and the Board of Education. The purpose of the A.I.M. Committee is to enrich the cultural education of all students within RVC school district.

AM GREAT A before school site-based program that provides a safe environment for children grades K-5. The program runs from 7:00-9:00 AM.

COMPACT A site-based team composed of parents, students, teachers, support staff, and principal who gather approximately once per month to address issues concerning the curriculum, communication, student assessments, building policies, and procedures, and allocation of school resources. Meetings are open to all.

CORE I A self-contained class of children with special needs that provides a small student teacher ratio in a mainstream educational setting.

C.P.S.E. Acronym for Committee on Preschool Special Education. The purpose of this committee is to determine the educational needs of students, ages 3-4 years old, within the district that are suspected of having or have been identified as having disabilities.

C.S.E. Acronym for Committee on Special Education. The purpose of this committee is to determine the educational needs of students, grades K -12, within the district who are suspected of having or have been identified as having disabilities.

E.L.A. Standardized New York State tests given to students in the 4th grade.

E.S.L. Acronym for English as a second language.

GUIDED READING Guided Reading is a program to develop decoding and comprehension strategies in the primary grades. Each class comes to Guided Reading every other day for 40 minutes. The children are placed in small groups with other children at the same instructional level. Students work on their reading, writing, and spelling skills.


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