Let's Do Lunch

Let's Do Lunch

Q: When and where do the children eat lunch?

A: One of the unique features of Hewitt School is that it does not have a cafeteria. In order to provide a safe and pleasant lunchtime experience for your child, the following procedures are utilized:

A mandatory 20-minute minimum lunchtime is required of all students before they are released for recess.

Q: Where do the children eat their lunch in inclement weather?

A: At all times, students eat their lunches in the Gym. During inclement weather, however, they return to their classrooms for their half hour of recess.

Q: Who supervises my child during lunchtime?

A: Teacher Aides and Teaching Assistants supervise the children during lunchtime. This year, we have lunchroom aides and playground aides. The same aide is responsible for your child during recess each day.

Q: May I take my child home for lunch?

A: The child should come to school with a note signed by a parent or guardian stating the child will be going out for lunch. The child will be released through the main school entrance. The child should return at the end of their lunch period through the same entrance. Parents will be required to sign out the student when leaving and sign them back in when returning. 

Q: Can my child buy lunch at school?

A: Yes the children can purchase lunch at Hewitt by sending money in with your child or purchasing a pre-paid lunch card.

Q: Who has snack time?

A: All students have snack time. The classroom teacher determines the time for snacks in the classroom. 


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