Arrival and Dismissal at Hewitt

Arrival and Dismissal at Hewitt

Q: What time does school start?

A: The school day officially starts at 9:00 AM with the first bell ringing at 8:50 AM in the morning. Children line up at 8:50 AM and are escorted to their classrooms by their teachers when that initial bell rings.

Q: How early can I drop off my child at school?

A: For grades K through fifth, teacher aides and teachers are on duty at 8:45 AM.

Q: Where does my child go to line up?

A: Grades 2 and 4 line up on the DeMott Avenue side of the building by the numbers indicated on the walkway. Kindergarten and grades 1, 3, and 5 line up on the Hempstead Ave. side of the building.

Q: Where does my child wait in the rain?

A: In the rain, children in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade will enter by line through the auditorium door and line up outside the classroom. Children in grades K, 1, and 4 will enter through the main entrance and line up in the gym.

Q: What if my child is late?

A: A child is considered late after the second bell has rung at 9:00 AM. Between the initial bell and the late bell (8:50-9:00 AM), a child is permitted to enter the building at the appropriate grade level door and go directly to the classroom.

A child arriving after the last bell has rung should enter the school through the main entrance on Hempstead Avenue. The child will have to ring the buzzer in order to gain entrance to the building. That child should then go directly to the nurse's office so that he/she can be marked present on the attendance.

Q: What time will my child be dismissed from school?

A: The dismissal bells rings at 3:26 PM to end the school day. Children exit the school from the assigned doors closest to their classrooms. The kindergarten children leave through the main doors on Hempstead Avenue. At 3:26 the children, (grades 1-5) whose classrooms are on the DeMott side of the building, exit through the main entrance. Children, whose classes are on the Hempstead side of the school, exit through the front door adjacent to the auditorium. In the event of an early dismissal we will release the children at 3:15.

It is the parents' responsibility to be at school to pick up his/her child at these dismissal times or to make alternate arrangements for each child. Children should be instructed to return to the main office if the person they are to go home with is not waiting for them at dismissal time.

Q: When the school is closed for half-day, what time is dismissal?

A: Dismissal time for half-days is 11:43 AM.

Q: How do I know if the school is open during inclement weather?

A: The PTA has implemented an optional phone chain whereby every parent will be notified early in the morning if the school has closed. Parents are NOT required to participate in the phone chain. Alternative information sources include the school channel (Channel 69), local television stations (Channel 12), numerous radio stations, or the RVC School District website.

Q: How are parents notified if the school has to close early in emergency situations?

A: The school channel broadcasts emergency information. Wherever possible, parents will be called to inform them. Under NO circumstances will students be released without proper adult supervision available.


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