Q: Is there a school nurse and how can I reach her?

A: Mrs. O'Rourke is the school nurse. She is located in the Health Office on the first floor. Her phone number is 255-8914.

Q: What do I do if my child is too ill to attend school?

A: Call the nurse's office before 9:00 AM to inform her of your child's absence. Parents can also call illness or absences in on the Absentee Hotline # 393-5202 (any time day or night). When your child is ready to return to school, send him/her in with an excused absence note addressed to the classroom teacher.

Q: What should my child do if he/she feels ill during school hours?

A: Your child should tell the classroom teacher he/she is ill. The teacher will suggest a visit to the school nurse. The nurse will talk to the child and take his/her temperature. Perhaps she will have the child rest. If she feels it is necessary, she will phone you to come pick up your child. Emergency contact cards are on file for each child for this purpose. The alternate names listed will be contacted if you cannot be reached. When you come into the school, stop in the entrance desk to fill out the sign-out sheet. Then proceed to the Health Office.

Q. If my child has a contagious disease, is there something special I should do?

A: When you call to notify the nurse of your child's absence, let her know the nature of the illness and ask her about the recommended period of absence. If applicable, she may need to notify the parents of the other children in the class.

Q: If someone in my child's class has a contagious disease, will I be notified?

A: You will be notified for some cases, such as chicken pox. It is important for you to let the nurse know when your child has a contagious disease.

Q: What about head lice?

A: If you find head lice on your child, do not panic! Call the school nurse. The nurse keeps the identity of the student confidential. She will not notify the other parents but she will examine all the children in your child's class. If necessary, she will then advise parents of the appropriate treatment. This procedure would apply to siblings and their classmates as well.

Q: Are any medical forms needed by the nurse?

A: When your child first registers at school, the main office will give you a green physical form, an immunization card, and an emergency card to be filled out and kept in the Health Office. New York Education Law requires a physical examination of all newly enrolled students and students in first, third, fifth, seventh, and tenth grades. All of these examinations may be done by your own medical provide. However, if not, the school physician or the school nurse practitioner will provide this service

An updated emergency card also needs to be completed each year.

Q: Are any tests performed by the school nurse?

A: Before your child enters kindergarten, the nurse will test his/her hearing and eyesight.

In the third, fourth, and fifth grades, the children are screened for scoliosis during their physical education period. If there are any problems, you will be notified immediately.

Q: What should I do if my child needs to take medication during school hours?

A: The nurse has a special form that needs to be completed by your physician. It requests the name of the medication, the indications, and the dosage. The parent also must write a note asking the nurse to administer the medication. All medication must be in the original bottle with the name and dose label. All medications must be kept in the nurse's office.

Q: What should I do if my child needs to be exempt from gym for a while?

A: If your child cannot participate in gym activities due to a cast, stitches, etc., a note from your doctor and you is required. More importantly, when the child is to resume activities, he/she must have a note from your physician.

Q: Does the school offer any program regarding human sexuality?

A: Yes. In the fifth grade, you and your child will be able to participate in a program called "Health and Wellness Program."

Q: Is there any other information the Health Office should have about my child?

The nurse tries to keep detailed records on your child's growth and development. If there is any information you feel is pertinent to your child (i.e.: porce, death in the family), please let the nurse know.

Remember, the nurse is your resource in the school building for any medical questions or concerns.


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