What Day Is It, Anyway?

What Day Is It, Anyway?

Q: What is the six-day cycle at Hewitt?

A: This is the pattern of days that your child will follow to know what days they have special classes. Always check your school calendar to determine what number day of the cycle it is. The dates are numbered one through six respectively.

Q: What are special classes?

A: Special classes are physical education, art, music, library book exchange, STELLAR and musical instruments.

Q: How often does my child have these classes and how will I know?

A: At the beginning of the school year, your child will receive either a written or oral report on which days they have each of their special classes. Their classroom teachers provide this information.

Physical Education is held three days in every six-day cycle. Music is conducted two days in every six-day cycle. Art classes occur one day in every six-day cycle. Library and stellar schedules vary in length and may consist of both small or entire group instruction.

Q: Is there any special equipment my child will need for these classes?

A: Yes - in gym they are required to wear a tee shirt, shorts without buttons or zippers, white socks (preferred) and sneakers (laces or Velcro closure). On cooler days, they are permitted to wear sweat suits or long shirts. No clothes with buttons or zippers are allowed. No jewelry is to be worn to gym class.

For art, a smock or old shirt is needed.

Q: At what grade level does my child start these classes?

A: All special classes are held for first through fifth grades. Kindergartners will receive all special instructions in art, music and physical education by their regular classroom teacher and teaching assistants.

Q: Are there additional supplemental programs?

A: There is reading recovery, guided reading, and math support.

Q: What composes the music program?

A: First grade through the fifth grade, students receive general music classes. 3rd grade students receive recorder lessons in addition to general music. Fourth and fifth graders sing as part of the chorus in the winter and spring concerts.

Q: When may my child learn to play a musical instrument?

A: Starting in third grade, your child will be given the opportunity to learn a string instrument (cello, bass violin, viola). In fourth grade, your child will be able to learn a band instrument (brass, woodwind, or percussion). The school provides instruments with a nominal rental fee. Instructions are given to the child on one assigned day during the six-day cycle. The child leaves the classroom for the instruction. Given the child's level of expertise he/she may join the school orchestra or band. Two evening concerts (winter and spring) are presented to the parents along with the fourth and fifth grade chorus. There are also an annual All District Concerts for Orchestra, Band, and Chorus for students who demonstrate a high level of proficiency.

Q: Can my child participate in both band and orchestra in the fourth and fifth grades?

A: Your child can participate in both band and orchestra, but your child can only be pulled out for school instruction on one primary instrument. Private lessons will be required on the secondary instrument. As concerts approach, your child will be able to rehearse with both the band and orchestra before school.

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