Fire/Disaster/Emergency/Stranger Drills

The school has implemented the following drills in guidelines with New York State/RVC District policy:

1. Fire Drills

2. Disaster/Emergency Drills

3. Stranger Drills

Certain Hewitt procedures, such as sign-in policies fosters safety in our schools for all students. For further information about the above drills, please contact the school principal.

The second component of Compact's safety program for the new school year is an experimental Student Safety Patrol, which will be instituted on a trial basis. A group of 5th grade students were chosen at random to participate in this trial, including both bus students and walkers. Bus Safety Patrol will assist younger students to their assigned seats, remind riders to use seatbelts and encourage order on the buses. Walker Safety Patrol will assist aides at arrival/dismissal time and also encourage safety and order. Compact hopes that the students will view the Student Safety Patrol as "cool" and that the students will want to emulate their elder peers. Compact would appreciate parental encouragement.

Bicycle Safety

Q: When can my child ride his/her bicycle to school?

A: Children in the 4th and 5th grades are permitted to ride their bicycles to school. Helmets are mandatory.

Q: Where would my child keep her/his bicycle during the school day?

A: Bicycle racks are located at the DeMott Avenue side and the back of the school. Children should bring their own locks and be capable of securing their bicycles.

Q: Are scooters or roller sneakers permitted in the school?

A: Scooters and roller sneakers are not permitted in the school.


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