Parent Teacher Association ("PTA")

Parent-Teacher Association "PTA"


Q: What is the function of the PTA?

A: The aim of the Parent-Teacher Association is to establish a good home, school, and community relationship in order that parents and teachers can effectively work together for the complete development of the child. It strives to ensure adequate laws for the protection of our youth. It enables parents to become familiar with the educational policies of the school as well as with the curriculum and personnel of the school.

Q: How can I become a member of PTA?

A: You can become a member of PTA at any time.

Contact any officer of the PTA. On "Back To School Night" there are PTA representatives available to answer your questions and to provide you with the opportunity to enroll in the PTA. All individuals (male or female) are welcomed to join. Hewitt's PTA can be reached at [email protected] and their website is

Q: How often does PTA meet?

A: The PTA usually holds its meetings once a month in the school library. Check your school calendar for the exact date and time each month. Everyone is always welcomed to attend.

Q: I may be interested in becoming an officer of the PTA. How can I get the necessary information? How often are elections held?

A: If you are interested in becoming an officer, contact any present officer. Elections are held annually in order to fill any available vacancies.

Q: How does the PTA raise money to attain its goals?

A: The major fundraisers for the PTA include but are not limited to:

1. The Hewitt Fair held every year on the school grounds

2. School pictures

3. The book fair held in the spring each year

4. Special Trip Requests

5. Flower sales 

6. Membership

Q: What PTA committees can you join?

A: Please refer to the Hewitt PTA Committee directory for a list of committees that interest you! A copy of the directory can be found at the main desk.

Q: How do you get information to the PTA for school wide distribution?

A: The PTA distributes a monthly packet to the school community with upcoming event information as well as a school monthly calendar highlighting important PTA events.

Q: What is the procedure for getting something included in the monthly PTA packet?

A: Speak to a PTA executive board member. The PTA uses the administration copy center to Xerox materials. The copy requires 5 days lead time for copy work from the time it is submitted at Hewitt School.

Q: I have heard that the fifth graders enjoy a trip each year.

A: The fifth graders will attend Ashokan for three days in September.

Q: I have heard of SEPTA. What exactly is it?

A: SEPTA (Special Education PTA) is a district wide PTA separate from the school PTA. It concentrates on the needs of the children in the special education program. SEPTA holds its own fundraisers during the year in order to provide the children with materials specific to their needs.

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