School Information

School Information


  • Arrival and Dismissal at Hewitt
  • Arrival and Dismissal at Hewitt - Q: What time does school start? A: The school day officially starts at 9:00 AM with the first bell ringing at 8:50... (cont'd)

  • Celebrations/Holidays
  • Celebrations/Holidays - Q: How does Hewitt School celebrate Halloween? A: Hewitt students have a traditional Halloween Parade. The children dress up... (cont'd)

  • Health
  • Health - Q: Is there a school nurse and how can I reach her? A: Mrs. O'Rourke is the school nurse, she is located in the Health Office on the first... (cont'd)

  • Hewitt Policies and Procedures
  • Hewitt Policies and Procedures - Q: Where should I drop off something my child forgot at home (i.e. his/her lunch)? A: You will need to gain entrance... (cont'd)

  • Let's Do Lunch
  • Let's Do Lunch - Q: When and where do the children eat lunch? A: One of the unique features of Hewitt School is that it does not have a cafeteria. In... (cont'd)

  • Making the Grade at Hewitt
  • Making The Grade At Hewitt - Q: When will my child bring home a report card? A: Report cards are sent home three times a year, please check the... (cont'd)

  • Media Center/Special Offers/ Glossary
  • MEDIA CENTER - Formerly known as the library, now also includes the computer lab. O.T. Acronym for occupational therapy. These services are provided... (cont'd)

  • Parent Teacher Association ("PTA")
  • Parent Teacher Association ("PTA") Q: What is the function of the PTA? A: The aim of the Parent Teacher Association is to establish a... (cont'd)

  • Safety
  • Safety Fire/Disaster/Emergency/Stranger Drills - The school has implemented the following drills in guidelines with New York State/RVC District... (cont'd)

  • Special Activities
  • Special Activities - Q: What after school activities and clubs are available at Hewitt? A: Hewitt offers a variety of activities that may be of... (cont'd)

  • The History of Hewitt School
  • The History of Hewitt School - As you leaf through these pages of information and regulations, you may wonder, "How did it all begin?" We... (cont'd)

  • Transportation
  • Transportation - Q: How will I know if my child is eligible for bus transportation or not? A: Transportation by bus will be provided for those... (cont'd)

  • What Day Is It, Anyway?
  • What Day Is It, Anyway? - Q: What is the six-day cycle at Hewitt? A: This is the pattern of days that your child will follow to know what days they... (cont'd)
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